Beating Stress: How to Deal with Anxiety at School

Every person feels stressed and anxious at some point in life, which is normal. Students, too, experience school anxiety and stress, which can impact their school life negatively. Since anxious students cannot have an easy time studying and doing well, it is essential to establish ways to help students with anxiety learn how to manage the whole situation so that they can enjoy their school moments for not only a good life but good grades too.

Why does school give me anxiety?

“school makes me depressed and anxious”, “the school makes me feel anxious” These are the many common phrases you will often hear students say when they feel like giving up in school. The question is, what makes students feel anxious and stressed in school? Below is a highlight of some reasons making students feel anxious.

Homework anxiety

While in school, homework will always be part of a student’s life. While the same homework helps students in different ways, when the homework is too much, students lack time to relax, socialize, and do other basic things in life. This will automatically make students feel anxious and stressed with school.

Social anxiety in school

Social anxiety in school comes in different forms. For instance, bullying can make students feel stressed, and poor communication or fear of some students expressing themselves freely can make them feel anxious and depressed. Being isolated, too, can make a student feel unwanted, and this makes them depressed and anxious.

Helping students with anxiety in school: 7 best tips

Are you a student feeling stressed and anxious about school life? Do you feel like giving up is the only remaining option? Well, try the tips highlighted below and experience a difference in your school life.

  • Do not avoid classes

If you are struggling with learning, approaching and accepting your fears is the best way to unleash the potential within yourself. Therefore, do not avoid classes, but attend them fully and talk to your teacher for more help.

  • Embrace a positive mindset!

Sometimes, we become what we think of ourselves. Therefore, as a student, start by understanding the significance of education. Even if you fail one test, reassure yourself that one failure shouldn’t determine your end results, and this will always motivate you to do even better!

  • Have goals and objectives

Another tip that will help you get relief from school anxiety and stress is having a set of objectives and goals you want to achieve. This will help shift your mind from negative aspects and focus on how to work towards achieving your set goals and objectives.

  • Self-care is essential!

While studying is important for every student, self-care is equally important to give you an easy time studying and doing homework. Therefore, eat healthily, do exercises, and have time to rest as part of self-care activities.

  • Speak out

Lack of speaking out, especially when you have a big issue bothering you as a student, can cause stress and anxiety. Approach your best teacher or fellow student and discuss the elements disturbing your peace of mind.

  • Break bigger tasks into small and manageable ones

This tip is applicable, especially when doing homework. Instead of dealing with a huge and complex task, break it into bits to avoid homework anxiety and stress.

  • Join social clubs and sports that you love

Apart from just studying, participate in other activities in school you are passionate about. This will elevate your social life and make you feel comfortable in everything you do.


Stress and anxiety in school are common. However, this doesn’t imply that you let stress and anxiety control your emotions. You must know how to deal with the issues revolving around your school life, and this guide is your ultimate solution.

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