How to Cheat Turnitin: Safe Guide for Students

Technology has made it possible to access any information, especially for students when doing research. While the idea is productive in matters of academics, the same technology has made plagiarism issues rise.

Plagiarism is all about using other people’s work as yours in academic matters or when writing anything for varied reasons. Since plagiarism is a serious offense in academics, there are sophisticated tools that teachers and professors use to detect the originality of work done by students.

Turnitin happens to be among the top tools used to detect plagiarism in academic papers, and if any student gets caught plagiarizing their work, they have to face some serious punishment. That is why in this guide, we unleash the best ways how to cheat Turnitin and stay on the safe side.

What does Turnitin check for?

Turnitin is a plagiarism software checker. It is effective in checking and verifying the similarity of a report with other published materials to validate the originality of a document or academic paper.

Turnitin common questions

The following are some of the common questions revolving around Turnitin as a sophisticated plagiarism detector:

Is Turnitin accurate?

Turnitin, being a plagiarism detector tool, might not always be accurate. Although it scans through an enormous database of already submitted work, getting 100% results doesn’t always mean the work is always clean and free from plagiarism. Besides, it is possible for the tool to also highlight some basic words as plagiarism. Therefore, while Turnitin helps detect plagiarism to some extent, it is not always accurate.  

Does Turnitin detect copy and paste?

If you copy a section or a document context from the internet and paste it into Turnitin to verify plagiarism, it will definitely highlight the document as plagiarized. As long as you are copying and pasting the original content you’ve generated from scratch, Turnitin won’t detect plagiarism.

How Turnitin works

Turnitin works by comparing what a student has submitted with an enormous database of content available online, such as student papers, academic works, or any other publication. The tool will then show the similarities detected in percentage, if any, as plagiarism. What’s more, the tool will highlight similar sections of your paper with already published work.

How to avoid plagiarism detection

Having described the Turnitin plagiarism detector tool in detail, the next idea is to determine how to beat Turnitin in academics and submit clean work.

Since students invest their time and resources and have a hard time writing academic papers, it can be frustrating to fail as a result of plagiarism detected by Turnitin. Therefore, the following tips will help you learn the art of how to pass plagiarism test:

  • Change the format of the document

Did you know that converting your word document into a PDF file and adjusting its structure will help you escape being caught plagiarizing your work with Turnitin? Yes, it is as simple as that. The software will view the document you’ve structured differently as a new and original document.

The advantageous side of changing the structure of the document is how easy the process is and the fact that you can turn in any text you want to.

However, if your professor has enough time, they can easily read and evaluate your paper well, thus detecting some similarities with another document.

  • Paraphrasing

Another perfect strategy on how to cheat Turnitin is reading and paraphrasing the content because Turnitin only identifies similar content, but not paraphrased content.

While paraphrasing may take more of your time, getting a well-written academic paper and paraphrasing will not only make you escape plagiarism, but it will guarantee you good grades as well!

  • Get a written paper from professionals

Well, this is the most effective way of getting a well-written paper without plagiarism and grammar issues as well as without using your time. With this method, you don’t need to think of how to pass plagiarism test because the writing services are dedicated to delivering nothing but the best to their clients. All you do is send the guidelines from your tutor and wait for your paper.

However, you must be ready to spend because such papers come at a cost. Besides, if you aren’t keen enough, you might get scammed by unprofessional service providers.


Many teachers use Turnitin to verify plagiarism in their papers. It is the student’s duty to ensure they devise ways to beat Turnitin, and this guide explores some of the best measures to use.

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